The Fitness Solution, Inc. was created in 2001 by Joe Mosca who started out as a service technician and still performs troubleshooting. Through his experience in the field and feedback from clients, Joe has learned the importance of not concentrating on becoming the largest, as many competitors do, but at retaining the clientele he has through a commitment to individual attention.

The Fitness Solution Provides Excellent Service for:

  • Wellness Centers
  • Physical Therapy
  • Hotels
  • Apartment Complexes

  • Hospitals
  • Five Star Spas
  • Condominium Fitness Centers
  • Yachting Industry

  • Personal Training Studios
  • Resorts
  • Local Fire and Police Departments
  • Residential
  • Rehab
  • Gyms
  • Youth Centers
  • Spin Cycle Studio

Anyone who has managed any of the facilities mentioned above has had to, at one time or another, answer the question: When is the gym equipment going to be repaired or replaced? Does anyone service this equipment? What if someone gets hurt? Are we going to be liable? If this sounds like you, we are your Solution. Let our factory authorized technicians who are professionally attired, insured and courteous take away your headaches.


We guarantee a 24 hour response time from your call, and most times we can make repairs on the first response with quality parts that meet the manufacturer's recommended specifications. Another component of our success is that services are paid for after they are completed and there are no contracts that look like they were written by a lawyer. We want our clients to be happy with our service, not looking for a way out of a contract. Why settle for missed appointments, wrong parts, or no call back? Let The Fitness Solution, Inc. restore your faith in customer service.

Proud sales and service provider of: